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De Philips Johnson
Founder of BGS


I fell in love with golf at the age of 50.  I’ve always been interested in the game as a young girl.  But I never knew anyone who could give me more details about it.  I took my first golf lessons with golf professional, LPGA/PGA Maulana Dotch who is an excellent teacher and now a dear friend.  


I fell hard for this game we call golf.   Each golf course and each hole presented a different challenge for me.   It’s truly a mental and physical game.  


Overall, I love this game and I want other black women to experience it for themselves.  

Over the years, I created meetups online for black women in the DFW area to meet up and play golf.  Because I ended up playing with men a majority of the time on various golf courses, I didn’t see  many black ladies playing golf.  


Black Girls Swing  was created for minority women to learn, practice and play golf.  We weren’t looking for women to show up that looked like golfers but to show up and out on the golf course with their own golf game.   


There are now more than 200 ladies on the Black Girls Swing meetup site and over 400 people on the BGS facebook page! My heart beats for joy when black women show an interest in learning how to play this game we call golf!


Special thanks to LPGA/PGA Maulana Dotch, General Manager at Hermann Park Golf Course in Houston, Texas for her many years of friendship, love and support off and on the course.   Maulana introduced me to this game of golf with her poise, patience and professionalism.  


I also want to thank  those who have supported BGS throughout the years!  Our overall mission is to motivate, encourage and inspire other black women to learn and play and respect this game we call golf.

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